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I am glad you have found yourself on my website. I am hoping it will give you a sense of who I am and how I can help you. I am committed to my clients and am always honored to play such an intimate role in their lives. I am dedicated to finding a way to work through whatever challenge you are experiencing.

As a first step, I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation so I can get a sense of your needs and you can see how it feels to talk with me.Choosing a therapist can be overwhelming so I really want to give you an opportunity to check me out without the pressure of having to make a commitment up front. I usually spend three sessions to start us off, at which point we check in to see how things are going.

Berkeley Therapist, phone therapy, Skype therapy

I work with individuals and specialize in couples therapy, helping partners work on communication issues and other obstacles to a fulfilling relationship. (See more on my couples page) I believe that the most successful therapy is one you feel connected to and inspired by. My hope is that you leave every session knowing more about yourself than you did when you arrived.


To me, the inner landscape of a person is complex, beautiful and challenging.  When we begin to look inward, it is amazing how many answers and insights lie at our fingertips. People often come to therapy not understanding what’s causing their difficulties. As we begin to explore, there is most often some very clear, meaningful explanation that once understood, naturally begins to open what originally felt stuck or hopeless. Clients experience great relief and profound shifts when things they did not understand about themselves become clear.


The issues I work with include (but are not limited to): Relationships and intimacy, pre-marital counseling, depression, anxiety, life transitions, sibling relationships, couples counseling, grief and loss, parenting, family issues, self-esteem, low self worth/inner critic work, spirituality, life visioning, career and life goals, pregnancy and birth, post-partum, unresolved past experiences, sexuality, life traumas, and mindfulness.

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