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About Me

I like to say that I am a New Yorker at heart, and a Californian by soul! I moved to California in 1994 and promptly fell in love with this beautiful state. I have lived in Berkeley for 13 years. I graduated from John F Kennedy’s counseling program with an MA in Counseling Psychology. I have been in therapy myself, which has significantly helped me worked through some of my own life challenges. After many years in this field, I have come to see that although life does pose real hardships, the harshest and most powerful experiences of limitation lie within how we respond to life. While I hear many challenging stories, I am consistently struck by our ability to recover from strife, process difficulties, and regain our footing in our innate drive towards well-being. Like a plant that grows towards the light, we have a natural internal mechanism that orients towards surviving and ultimately thriving.

Berkeley Therapist, phone therapist, Skype therapist

A foundational aspect of my life is my spiritual path. I have been a student of the Diamond Approach for the past 15 years. After years of exposing myself to various spiritual teachings, I fell in love with this path while in graduate school as it was the first spiritual path I found that truly included psychology and did not bypass elements of our development that must be addressed for true spiritual growth to occur. The Diamond Approach offers a map towards enlightenment that utilizes depth psychology in order to open to deeper realization and experiences of who we are at an essential level. This path has greatly enhanced my understanding of psychology and how it interfaces with spiritual development.


Things that I love are my family, the ocean, a really good view, traveling, hot springs, dancing, good restaurants, outdoor markets, the innocence of children, color, art, learning new technologies (although I always feel behind!) and I must!

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