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Getting Started

The beginning is a time for us to get to know eachother, to discuss your needs and to explore our connection and how you feel working with me. I suggest we begin therapy and then check in after 3 sessions to see how it’s feeling for you. We start out focusing on why you are coming in and what you want out of therapy. If you are unsure, we explore and clarify this together. It is very important to me that you get what you want and feel our time together is well spent. I offer certain structure to guide our sessions but the focus is always on the support and issues you most want help with.

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The length of time we work together can vary greatly. I have seen people benefit from 3 months of therapy to years of therapy and everything in between. Some of my clients want to focus in on one issue for a short period of time while others prefer to explore numerous aspects of their lives over a longer period of time. Together we will decide what is right for you, and we can always shift that vision as we go along.



I am flexible depending on my clients’ individual needs. Sessions are 50 minutes long unless we decide to extend to a session and a half (75 minutes), which is often helpful with couples work especially. At first it’s important to meet weekly so I can get to know you and we can build momentum in our work together. Some clients start out working with me weekly, and then over time shift to working every other week and eventually even monthly check-ins. I am open to creating a therapy that will work for you and your lifestyle as long as we are meeting with enough regularity to actually support your goals and the changes you want to make.

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