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Phone Therapy

In addition to in-person therapy I also offer clients the option to work with me by phone or video conferencing. I have a number of remote therapy clients in my practice and find that it has numerous benefits. I can understand that some people think that such a deep and personal process should only be done face-to-face but I can say that remote therapy offers just as much personal contact and depth as in-person therapy. While there are visual cues to pick up on while sitting with a person face-to-face, there are many other cues that become quite apparent and serve as powerful guidance when working remotely. I find that my intuition and insight help me hone in on my client’s needs just as much by phone as in-person.

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Given the array of  technology available these days, whether we are using the phone, FaceTime, zoom or Skype, there are many ways to connect and receive support. We will always choose a method of working that feels confidential, secure and right for you. I like to offer my therapy in ways that works for people lives, busy schedules and work demands and remote therapy offers us multiple ways to connect that can be much more convenient for you. Regarding phone therapy particularly, research has shown that it provides numerous benefits, especially for those who are unable to have in person sessions. It helps clients seek therapy who would feel deterred by having to go into an office and it also helps clients avail themselves of the therapist of their choice without having to take location into account. It offers you the flexibility to engage in therapy from any location, when coming to a therapy office can be challenging or prohibitive for some. It also offers greater time and schedule flexibility.


Some people actually find that they feel more comfortable being open and vulnerable over the phone or remotely, than in person.  Working by phone offers a level of safety and connection that is foundational to the therapeutic process. It also offers a level of personal comfort and flexibility as you can do your therapy sessions from your home, office or anywhere you feel comfortable.


Please contact me if you want to discuss how remote therapy can be of service to you:

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