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The way through is in.

How do you become more of who you truly are if you don’t know if that “more" even exits? People talk about breakthroughs, transformation, empowerment, expressing more of who you are - but unless you have actually felt this “more” then it is a nice idea with no real substance in your lived experience. The way we begin to contact and open new channels is to let ourselves truly experience our limitations. To look the disempowered, false self straight in the eye and be willing to not avoid it. To understand and allow our limitations to be seen and felt. You won’t step into a new pair of shoes unless you know your old ones are worn and not functioning well anymore. In life we don’t often take of our old shoes off until we have new ones, but inner work requires us to do just the opposite: to stand barefoot in the unknown, unwilling to continue walking in the old so that our new shoes can emerge. Only then do we embark on the adventure of walking in them.

#therapy #transformation #spirituality #selfimprovement #psychotherapy

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